Research and Developers Community
  • Eric Zhang
    M.S. In Computer Science, Oxford University
    Founder of DoraHacks
    Researcher, CERN Open Lab (2013)
  • Dylan Liu
    B.S. & M.S. Computer Science, Tsinghua University
    10+years experience in development and system architecture
    Cryptography and algorithms expert
  • Hendrik C
    Lead Researcher
    PhD in mathematics
    Has ample experience in researching and practicing blockchain technologies, cryptography and security.
  • Kenny Zhou
    Product Team Lead
    Former co-founder &CTO at the Honest Doctor
    More than 10 years of experience in large-scale distributed systems and architectures and products
  • Felix Cai
    Front - end Engineering Lead
    Youth Class, Xi’an Jiaotong University
    Front - end Hacker
    First Prize, DoraHacks Autumn@Xi An 2017
  • Ice Ming
    Integration lead
    10+years experience in c/c++ development
    Real time database products and digital currency transaction platform products expert
    Participated in developing bitcoin and ethereum wallets
  • Seay (Wizard)
    Security Coordinator
    Lead, Alibaba attack and security lab
    Author of “Code Audit: Architecture of Enterprise Web Security”
    Host of well-known security blog
  • Neol Zeng
    Senior R&D Director
    Algorithmic Engineer
    Eight years of C language development experiences
    Having many years of overseas R&D experiences
    Former Director of R&D and Operation of Well-known Artificial Intelligence Projects
  • Brian Liu
    Blockchain evangelist
    MSc and B.S from Peking University
    Author of "Blockchain: 101"
    10+ working year experience in software development, leading and coaching high performing teams
    Worked in IBM China Development Lab (CDL) High Performance Computing team and "LERO - The Irish Software Engineering Research Center" Distributed Systems research group
With 2000+ developers from the world
Community and development
  • James Cheng
    Head of Strategic Development
    Part-time research staff of Tsinghua University, Serial entrepreneur
    Executive Committee of China Cloud System Pioneer Strategic Alliance
    Foreign Expert of Thailand Crypto Beach Association
  • Larry Lin
    Head of Business Development
    Internet marketing community operation expert
    Baidu encyclopedia operation
    10+years of digital advertising and internet industry
  • Jimmy Zhao
    TrueChain Global Strategic Partner
    ZB group executive and founder of ZBX (ZB Europe)
    Founder of Cryptonord
    Partner of Y investment
    Founder of ChainX
    Runs a 10,000-bitcoin fund
    A well-known core figure in the blockchain industry in Europe
  • Hillary Nguyen
    TrueChain Vietnamese Partner
    Managing partner of Alphawhale Capital.
    A Strategist, Advisor, Communicator, Consultant, community influencer and Speaker in Blockchain, Digital asset management.
    With diverse set of skills, Hillary executes her management role effectively into the new foundation of company in revolution.
  • Paulus Pham
    TrueChain Vietnamese Partner
    Blockchain community management professional
    Managers of some major blockchain user community in Vietnam
  • Sun-Woo Chu
    TrueChain Strategic partner of Korea
    Vice President, Korea International Finance Association
    Element Founder & CEO
    former Money Today Innovation Strategy Team Asia Chief
    former One Asia Editor-in-Chief
    former Asia Today Multimedia Desk Editor/International Editor
  • Pingping Wang
    TrueChain Strategic partner of Korea
    Element Director, China Business
    Money Today Innovation Strategy Team Reporter
    One Asia Reporter
    Asia Today Multimedia Desk & International Reporter
  • Lin ChuiZhou
    Academician consultant of TrueChain
    Academician of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences
    Former vice — principal of Hong Kong University of Science and technology and a former president of Industrial Technology Research Institute.
    Former Visiting professor of National University of Singapore,Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, Shanghai Jiaotong University and many prestigious Institutions at home and abroad.
  • Yushi Shen
    The Secretary-General of China Cloud System Pioneer Strategic Alliance
    BS, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University
    MA, PH.D, computer science, University of California, San Diego
    Panelist for China’s “the Thousand Talents Plan”
    Researcher of Tsinghua and other prestigious universities
    Strategic consultant for Microsoft